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Ducato Wine Village
Ducato Wine Village

Santorini, one of the most loved destinations on earth, and Ducato Wine Village welcome you to a holiday experience fitting of your wildest dreams. Immersed in the ravishing beauty of Santorini’s wine region, in the serenity of Megalochori, the Ducato Wine Village offers a distinctive selection of exclusive holiday accommodations that embody tradition, culture and sophisticated elegance, whilst proposing superb experiences that elevate your stay.

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Ducato Wine Village

Love for Authentic
Santorinian Hospitality

Ducato Wine Village offers a hand-picked selection of exclusive villas, each with distinct character and style and all sharing our love for authentic Santorinian hospitality that meets the highest standards of holiday luxury. In the tranquil village of Megalochori, in the heart of Santorini’s wine region, the curated villas of Ducato Wine Village are shining gems of authenticity that dazzle with their unique beauty and welcoming ambience.

Ducato Wine Village
Ducato Wine Village

A Selection of Refined Private Villas

Raki Restaurant

Savour Authentic Santorinian Tastes

The beating heart of the quaint Megalochori village is its welcoming square, a hub for local and visitors alike to enjoy the tastes of Raki restaurant.

Wine Experiences

Wine Tours & Tastings

Among Santorini’s multitude of treasures, its vibrant volcanic wines are a huge part of what makes this island so unique and unforgettable.

Cooking Class

Gastronomic Secrets Revelead 

Learn how to make the delicious dishes you have so enjoyed during your stay and take a piece of Santorinian flavour back home with you.

Horse Riding

A Unique Experience

Seeking a unique, unexpected experience to bring you close to the magnificent natural beauty of Santorini?

The Vedema Experience

Create Real Santorini Memories

Santorini may be thrilling all year long but come Vedema time it transforms into a high-spirited festival of joy and song, fragrant with the intoxicating aromas of the sweet local grapes aging in the sun.


Santorini On Board Experience

If one were to name the quintessential Santorini experience, then that would be a sailing cruise to the imposing caldera, the alluring volcanoes and the spectacular, colourful beaches of the island.


Discover the Santorini Landmarks

Are you craving to set out on a scenic walk weaving through the whitewashed lanes of Oia? The breathtaking sunset views will cast their spell upon your eyes and soul and though you’ll find it hard to tear yourself away from here, the island holds a whole host of beauties to discover.


Follow the Paths of Nature & History

Hiking aficionados are bound to fall in love with some of Santorini’s routes, passing through impressive landscapes, ancient and medieval cities, offering breath-taking views and unforgettable memories.


Explore Santorini on Two Wheels

Looking for a fun and eco-friendly way to explore Santorini? E-bikes are an efficient and eco-friendly to explore the sun-kissed alleys of the caldera, local villages and gorgeous paths along the countryside

Santorini’s Capital of Wine Making

Ducato Wine Village

Away from the bustling crowds of the caldera, yet within close reach to all of Santorini’s majestic attractions, the village of Megalochori is a hidden gem known to the lucky few. Traditionally the home of wine-makers and wine-merchants, this village is enveloped in a tranquil ambience, where patience and care for the vines to grow is life’s most important aspect. 

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