Dear guest

Feeling happy and optimistic about the gradual de-escalation of the restrictive measures, we anticipate to soon welcome you to our homelike and revitalizing environment here at Ducato di Oia & Ducato Wine Hotel.

Following an organized operational plan, focused around the safety of our guests and our personnel, as well as the compliance with the guidelines set by the Greek government and the World Health Organization, we operate under an intensive cleaning protocol implemented throughout our facilities.

At the same time, we implement specialized operational protocols for every space, in accordance to the certification program HEALTH FIRST.

At Ducato di Oia & Ducato Wine Villas. our priority is your joy and comfort along with everyone’s safety. For that reason, we have taken all measures necessary, throughout all the divisions and the procedures of our hotel.

Entering the Hotel:

At the hotel entrance temperature checks take place, allowing entrance only to those with normal readings. This procedure applies to our guests,
personnel and all suppliers.

Room Cleaning:

Before check-in, all room spaces, every surface (drawers, bedding, mini bar, etc.) and every item within it (pen, amenities, towels etc.), as well as the A/C unit are sterilized.

Treatment Method:

During your stay at our hotel no one is allowed to enter your room. Cleaning service is always available though, on demand. In this way, your room is sterilized and meant to be used exclusively by you.


Breakfast is served daily in your room, at a time requested by you.
* Breakfast is served in a sterilized packaging.

Hotel Cleaning:

We operate under an intensive cleaning protocol, applied throughout the common areas of our hotel, which addresses the cleaning and disinfection frequency, as well as the selection of general use cleaning products with proven bactericidal and virucidal action.

At night, all vacant rooms and common areas of the hotel are sterilized.

Our protocols and procedures are updated and adjusted according to all suggested changes and improvements as defined by European and International guidelines, as they themselves evolve.

Finally, we monitor all international developments in regards to matters of quality and safety, so that we can provide our guests with reliable information at any time.