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A trip to the volcanic Island of Santorini

Wine tour in Santorini
Wine tour in Santorini
January 28, 2014

The unique volcanic setting of Santorini is an ideal holiday destination, thanks to its magnificent views, traditional Cycladic houses, unearthly beaches and interesting archaeological sites. Although, Santorini is mostly visited by lovebirds that want to seal their love with a kiss at the time the red-hot sun is setting into the Aegean Sea, there are still more this small paradise has to offer!

Sights and attractions

Santorini’s villages – Definitely pay a visit to the different settlements and villages of Santorini, such as Oia which is perched on the cliffs of Caldera overlooking the sea. If you wish to watch the renowned sunset of Santorini, take your seat on the cliffs and hold your significant other’s hand for utterly emotional moments. To get the whole picture though, you should also visit Santorini’s inland, where the true pulse of the locals beat. Go to the traditional wine village of Megalochori, 5km away from the main town, Fira, and travel back in time staying in one of the villas and mansions once housing old wineries…

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