Beautiful Santorini is an island boasting a unique landscape characterized by red rocks, wild beauty and stunning views over the sparkling Aegean Sea. The queen of Cyclades offers visitors the chance to experience a holiday far different than what they’ve lived so far. Either you are a couple, a family or a group of friends, this volcanic island can only leave you pleased to the maximum!

For more inspiration, we’ve listed some key activities, to help you get the most out of your stay in Santorini. Wine Tours – For wine lovers, a day tour in Santorini’s vineyards would be the best idea to taste sublime, authentic wines and indigenous flavors. To have the perfect wine tour, choose any of the agencies organizing wine tours around Santorini, such as Santorini Wine Adventure Tours. Your visit should definitely include selected vineyards, where you can learn about the unique viticulture and the indigenous grape varietals. Some of the most famous and traditional vineyards are found in the village of Megalochori, once the epicenter of wine-production on the island.

Local taste – Right in the middle of the picturesque cobblestone square of Megalochori, visitors will find the traditional tavern Raki. Nestled under a pergola which is covered with bright flowering vines, Raki serves authentic Greek cuisine and is the ideal place to enjoy a quiet breakfast or lunch sheltered from the intense sun. For Mediterranean cuisine, go to the brand new restaurant, Ilios & Petra, also in Megalochori, which serves dishes made only with the freshest local produce. The restaurant focuses on fine wine produced in the island’s traditional wineries and all dishes are related to wine, featuring alluring flavors. Guests can also attend wine tasting sessions organized here.

Relaxing experience – Relax body and mind with an Osho meditation offered by OSHO Santorini. For a more advanced experience, you could also attend an Osho session or workshop that will provide you with an in depth knowledge of how to restore your inner peace!

History – Dedicate a day around the island’s archaeological sites, such as the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, the ancient Thira and the Archaeological Museum of Thira. It’s totally worth it as you can experience in person the grandeur of Greek civilization.

At the beach – Spend a day on one of Santorini’s most impressive, as well as romantic beaches, the Red Beach. Named after the red rocks standing right above, this beach offers a peaceful setting for swimming in deep blue waters and sunbathing in privacy. Parasols and sun beds are scarcely found here, and you can get some basic supplies, such a cold water, refreshments and snacks from the small canteen.

Day trips – Take a day trip to the volcanic islets of Nea and Palea Kameni located in the center of Caldera. These islets are some of the most popular attractions in Santorini accessible only by boat. Swim in the hot reddish water and feel the strange warmth in your body. You can also climb the volcano and take a closer look on the crater!

Off the beaten track – Try out donkey riding as donkeys in Santorini are part of the island’s charm and local culture. These obedient animals have been serving the locals for years, transferring the tourists up and down the steep steps of Santorini, from the port to the top of Fira. Give it a go if you seek an off-the-beaten-track experience!

All in all, just benefit from everything Santorini has to offer and leave this treasure island utterly rejuvenated!