Thanks to its unique volcanic soil, the island of Santorini boasts a selection of local products used in the island’s cuisine famous around the world for its rich flavors! Therefore, the team of Ducato Villas is available to arrange a series of cooking classes on it’s premisses and  in the partner restaurant Raki located in the center of the main square in Megalochori. Here, guests can get a hands-on experience in the preparation of famous local dishes under the guidance of our chef. The chef’s special recipes showcase local Santorini products like fava, cherry tomatoes, miniature white eggplants, and capers.

What’s more, most of the recipes have been passed down from our mothers and grandmothers; therefore attending one of our cooking classes  even in the comfort of your own villa is a priceless experience offering knowledge not to be found nowhere, but in Santorini!

Our team can also arrange an olive oil tasting session for you. Just try it and find out all about the treasure of the Greek land! Carefully listen to our experts and delight your palate with spoonfuls of olive oil produced locally. Feel the spicy taste and enjoy the aromas of the nature emitted when smoothly shaking your glass.

Familiarize yourself with the cuisine of Santorini and change your cooking perspective for ever!