Blessed by the Gods with a unique beauty, mainly thanks to its volcanic nature, the island of Santorini is a destination to be visited at least once in a lifetime!  The island stands alone high above the deep blue Aegean Sea overlooking the magnificent volcano’s peak in the middle of the sea. Visitors are more than thrilled when they first set their foot on Santorini, as they can’t believe how beautiful and atmospheric this Cycladic island is!

A walk along the rugged cliffs of the Caldera will leave you breathless; especially if you choose to watch the view at sunset. Oh…the sunset! Santorini is famous around the world for this exact time of the day. When the sun starts setting over the sparkling sea a magical picture is created. The color of the sky turns into every shade of purple, orange and red, like a rainbow, and the villages of Santorini are transformed from quaint whitewashed settlements to the most romantic places in the world! The whole of the island immerses in an overflowing romantic feel ideal for a love break in the eternal Mediterranean warmth…

Moreover, if you wish to seal your love with a truly sentimental confession paired with a mesmerizing sunset view, take your seat on the cliffs of Caldera when the sun starts gradually getting down! The view is unique as what you have in front of you is only the vastness of the sea, the imposing volcano in the middle and the heavenly sky, altogether creating a helplessly romantic atmosphere only to be share with your very special person.

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