Santorini is one of the most romantic islands in the world. The Caldera, the view to the sea, the volcano and the bright Greek sun create a unique setting and atmosphere perfectly pairing the most important day of your life. Thousands of people flock the island to get married, take or renew their vows promising each other eternal love.

The scenery is ideal, as if the Lord has created it only for utterly romantic moments. Santorini is the definition of love, as romance prevails not only thanks to the magical red-hot sunset, but also through every cobbled alley in the traditional settlement of Oia and the main town of Fira, as well as in every single cave-style house creating the ideal setting for the very first hours of your married life. In this place your wedding will totally absorb the energy of the earth travelling along with the sea breeze, and it’s this exact energy that makes the deep red Vinsanto age. This energy can bound your vows forever, which will also be sealed with an aromatic Vinsanto, salt, volcanic passion and the reddish sunset flooding the sky.

No wonder why couples around the world choose Santorini as their top destination to get married or even renew their vows. Actually, more than 700 weddings are held here every season from people all over the world. In fact, this number is only referred to civil and orthodox weddings as no records are kept for vow renewal. The unique views over the volcano and the unparalleled beauty of all these traditional buildings literally hanging on the edge of the Caldera, are a strong motivation to hold your wedding there.

However, those who decide to organize their wedding in Santorini should also keep in mind that   surroundings are so intense that minimal and simple decoration is required to make the difference. Traditional touches, such as local bands playing folk music would add a pleasant note to the whole ceremony. A different, yet creative idea is to hold your wedding in one of Santorini’s famous wineries. Most of them feature especially arranged rooms to host your dream reception.

For an utterly romantic ceremony as well as a honeymoon in absolute privacy Santorini Villas and Mansions in the village of Megalochori is a choice you won’t regret making. Featuring a selection of restored mansions, once residences of the wealthy wine-makers of this wine village, these properties include antique furniture, as well as details from the wine making process. Thanks to their private pools and complete independency, Santorini Villas and Mansions cater for an unforgettable honeymoon. Organize your wedding in any of the secluded courtyards nestled in lush greenery and decorated with fine outdoor furniture. For the first days of your common life opt one of the two hideaway villas of the complex, Mansion 1878 and Villa Io. Just a stone’s throw away from these residences, guests will find two exceptional dining options, restaurants Raki and Spiti, both serving fine Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.