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Megalochori village: a story to be told

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February 3, 2014
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Live your Romance in Santorini
February 7, 2014

Located in the mainland of Santorini, Megalochori is a village of old-world charm, rich tradition and long history. Although, it boasts no stunning views to the sea and the imposing volcano, Megalochori caters for discerning holiday-makers seeking absolute peace and relaxation in lavish surroundings and total privacy.

Particularly, if you happen to be a person with a passion for wine and romance then this place is the one for you and your significant other. Once the epicenter of the wine-making industry in Santorini, Megalochori is soaked in wine and its alluring aroma. The whole of the village was inhabited by the most important families in the wine-making sector. Filled with vineyards, Megalochori was famous for its top quality Vinsanto, a wine type mostly produced in Santorini. In fact, during the 19th century, the village’s winemakers successfully exported their wine produce in Russia. From wineries to its own school, Megalochori had it all. It was a self-sufficient and rich place utterly dedicated to wine!

Sadly, a strong earthquake hit Santorini in 1956 devastating the island and especially Megalochori. Most buildings were destroyed and the locals abandoned the village, leaving the once flourishing Megalochori in ruins.

Almost half a century later, in 1999, one developer decided to bring life back in this neglected village. His vision was to restore the remaining buildings of Megalochori and convert them to luxurious properties accommodating guests with a passion for wine.  However, all renovations took place without sacrificing the authentic Cycladic style, thus, the village got lively again featuring houses, quaint local shops and even its old main square, which is now full of life thanks the two restaurants serving exceptional local cuisine.

For a true taste of Santorini, without being squeezed in the crowds flocking the island every summer Megalochori is the place to be!